ORACLE LED Illuminated Wheel Rings

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These “Tron” inspired wheel rings were designed to fit around the brake rotors of your vehicle. The ring illuminates the barrel of the rim with High Grade ORACLE LED Flex Strip. If you are looking for a “head turning” auto mod with sophistication and flair, then these are perfect for you! ORACLE Wheel rings come in a wide range of options and colors.


Single Row, Single Color
These traditional wheel rings are available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber, or Aqua. They don’t require an LED controller, so they’re ready to install right out of the box.

Double Row, Single Color
With 648 LED’s, these are the brightest LED wheel ring kits on the market and are available in Each ring includes over 12 feet of insulated cable that connects to a wiring hub which makes installation easier than ever. The rings now include (5) mounting brackets per ring and have tapped fittings to easily move and adjust brackets to fit any application. The ring diameter has been increased to 16.5 to fit over-sized performance brake systems. The effect is a large ring of light which accents custom wheels and stands out at events. 

Single Row, ColorSHIFT
ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT technology works with a ColorSHIFT controller to set the colors of the rings and even pulsing patterns. These rings come in two sizes, 18″ wheels and smaller or 19″ wheels and larger. The ColorSHIFT option does not include an RGB controller. If your car doesn’t already have an RGB controller, we recommend our Oracle BC1 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT Controller.

Single Row, Dynamic ColorSHIFT
Dynamic ColorSHIFT is ORACLE’s latest technology that makes eye-catching chasing patterns of color.

The standard Wheel Rings fit up to 13.5″ rotors. Rotors over 13.5″ are considered oversized and require the expanding adapter option. Be sure to check the diameter of your brake rotor to ensure proper fitment. For some cars with very large front rotors we may need to expand the front wheel rings. A fee of $29 will be added (for the 2 front only). Call 713-234-7750 or email for brake size information. If your vehicle is equipped with drum brakes or does not have a brake dust shield you will need to perform additional fabrication of brackets to fit properly. For vehicles without dust shields please watch this video HERE for more information. Please note, these rings are not intended for on-road use. 

NOTE This item is built-to-order which means there is a processing time of up to 7 business days to have your item built assembled, and shipped.
Product Features:

Wheel Ring Diameter: 15.5 inches.
Mounts to brake rotor dust shield
Operating Voltage: 12V DC Vibrantly Lights Up Wheel Wells
ORACLE Quality Flex LED Strip Fits Around Brake Rotor Can Withstand High Temperatures
Universal Fitment Mounting Hardware Included
1 Year Warranty

Product Includes:
(4) x Aluminum Wheel Rings equipped with Premium ORACLE LEDs
(1) x ORACLE LED Illuminated Rocker Switch.
(12 or 20x) x Aluminum Mounting Brackets
(3 Per Single LED Ring or 5 per Double LED Ring) Hardware- Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Screws Installation Instructions





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