ORACLE 10A 36V 350W Power Supply UL

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This 10A AC/DC Power Supply is perfect for any electronics that require a suitable source of energy. Waterproof and weatherproof, it is suitable for outdoor applications, such as large LED signs. Can be used in conjunction with our LED Flex Strips and light displays. Product Specs: Input Current: 110V AC Power. Output Current: 10A / 36V DC Power. Wattage: 350W. Length: 8 in. Width: 4 in. Height: 2 in. Weight: 2 lb 3oz. Waterproof Rating: IP67. Input Frequency Range: 50-60 Hz. UL, CE, Rohs Certified. 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Excellent driver for large LED displays/battery maintainer/on board displays. Weatherproof.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 2 in