ORACLE “Demon Eye” Colorshift Projector Illumination Kit (Pair)

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Take your projectors to the next level with the new ORACLE “Demon Eye” ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination Kit. This powerful ColorSHIFT LED device will allow you to illuminate or backlight your projector lenses, giving your vehicle the “Demon Eye” look. By using one of our ColorSHIFT controllers, you can change colors at your command. Installation is relatively simple and can be completed using zip-ties or hardware. The bracket on the ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination Kit matches perfectly with any H1 style projector, however this kit can be installed into any style projector. Product Features: – External Driver for Heat Dissipation – 3 Watt ORACLE ColorSHIFT RGB LED – H1 Specific Bracket, Bracket can be removed. – Quick Installation – 12V Input – 4 Pin Male and Female Connection Package Includes: – (2) ColorSHIFT® Demon Eye Modules – (2) Demon Eye Projector Mounting Brackets

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